👼 Angel 😠 Angry 🐻 Bear 🐦 Bird 😊 Blushing 😻 Cat 😀 Cheerful 😕 Confused 😐 Crazy 😱 Creepy 😭 Cry 😘 Cute 💃 Dance 💀 Dead 😌 Depressed 🐕 Dog ヽ༼* _ *༽ノ Donger 🍖 Eating 👺 Evil 😛 Excited 👊 Fighting 🐟 Fish 😋 Flirty 🌹 Flower 🔫 Guns 😀 Happy ❤️ Heart 😒 Helpless 😎 Hiding Hugging 💔 Hurt 😂 Joy 💏 Kiss 😀 Laughing 💝 Love ╭∩╮ Middle Finger 👯 Mobs 🎵 Music 😣 Nervous 🐼 Panda 🎉 Party 🐖 Pig 🏃 Running 😔 Sad 😮 Scared 😜 Shy 😴 Sleeping 🕷️ Spider 🎳 Sports 😎 Sunglasses 😅 Surprised Sword ┗─┛ Table Flipping 🙏 Thankful 💭Thinking 👍Thumbs Up 😲 Vomit 😉 Wink 😶 Worried

Vomit Emoticon Text Emojis

Vomit emoticons or Throwing up emoticons are used to convey nausea, disgust, or a feeling of being sick. Vomit emoji copy and paste by just clicking on it. Barf emoticons are used to convey feelings of repulsion, or strong aversion to something. They typically express extreme irritation, distaste, or a reaction to something unpleasant.

(´ π`)
I Want to Vomit Oops
Vomit So Disgusting
_(´ཀ`」 ∠)_-
Just Vomit
( ´З`)
Vomiting Stars
Happy Vomit
σ( ̄┰ ̄)
Slightly Sick
Going to Vomit
Almost Vomit Out
(;゚ ;艸;゚;)
Crawling in Vomit
Feeling Sick
Throwing Up Away
Crazy Eyes Vomit
Mad Crazy Vomit
.゜∵( >_< )
Slightly Sick
Too Sick
Just Throw Up
Start Being Sick
( -Л-)=3
Feeling Terrible Sick
Almost Vomit
Going to Vomit
Feeling Puking
( ̄艸 ̄*)
Going to Vomit
Throw Up

. . . End . . .

. . . . . .

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Information about the vomit text emojis

Vomit emoticons are used in various online platforms, responding to something that is nauseating, deemed sickening, or revolting. Omit emoticons can be used in response to a text, images, or situation that promote a strong negative reaction. Barfing emoticons express a person or a face with a greenish or yellowish face, often with a picture of vomit or a nauseated expression.

Examples of vomit emoticon with their meanings

Here are some examples of vomit emoticons and their meanings:

  1. <(´ཀ`<): This emoticon shows a person or character raising their arms and looking sad. The “´ཀ`” represents the feelings of vomiting.
  2.  `(´ཀ`)`*: This emoticon depicts a face with closed eyes and a small mouth, showing a face with strong negative reaction or repulsion
  3. (;゚ ;艸;゚;):  This emoticon portrays a face with big eyes and a wide open mouth. It conveys the feeling of something unpleasant and nauseated.